Here’s a very recent testimonial that sums up what we do, received from Audrey Baulf, Curriculum Director at Craft Training NI.

And this is my WHY!….. Bringing joy, laughter, learning and fun into workplaces, schools, colleges and communities and enriching people’s lives by creating joyful energy in the room, providing a space that deepens connections with colleagues/classmates during delivery and teaching and sharing the heart-filled positivity tools and resources.

“From the initial contact made with Denise until the final shut of the door of the Positive Party, the entire service was incredible. Denise has the ability to understand your needs quickly and put in place a tailor-made program for your staff. She made sure she understood the staff demographic and dispelled any worries or concerns about participation immediately. She organized and planned a fun, active, engaging day and was so efficient in setting up whilst maintaining the surprise and excitement of a parry. The activities throughout the day encouraged teal work and laughter whilst delivering positive messages and CBT ideas for dealing with stress, worry etc. The day flew by and everyone left with a sore face from laughing and a fuller heart ready to embrace life’s little challenges.
We would highly recommend this wonderful lady to any organization, office, school or community and can’t wait to have her back.”

Audrey Baulf, Curriculum Director, Craft Training NI