Good Afternoon Denise

I would like to extend our sincere thanks for the extremely insightful session yesterday Happiness Reloaded – we have over 200 employees join the session globally. Aside from the slight tech hiccup at the start of the session the chat was streaming with comments. Some of the key takeaways shared with us during and post the session were:

  • The art of practicing gratitude, so simple yet so impactful
  • Choosing to be Winnie the Pooh or Eeyore!
  • Positivity palette
  • 3 positives for every negative!
  • Laughter Yoga to set you up for the day!
  • Gratitude Game
  • Movement & Dance……changes the mood!

The chat never stopped through the session and employees expressing their sentiment throughout, some of the comments were – “How can you not smile after this!”; “ Today is my 2 year anniversary with the company and I can’t imagine spending it any other way! I am definitely grateful for working here! Thank you for helping me laugh!”; “A great way to start the day in New York! Thank-you”; “Thank-you you made my day!” and many many more!

Thank you once again for such an engaging, fun, uplifting and HAPPY session

From – The Team at Firstsource

Laura Hourican
Senior Vice President Human Resource UK