If I had written this post, 2 weeks ago when I had planned to, it would have been different news.

I would have told you how excited we are at PPHQ because we have a new Positive Parties Licensee coming onboard. How Kirsty Pepper is coming over from York on the 30th March for 5 days, to do her training here in Ireland and how she’ll be the first Positive Parties Licensee in England. And how she would be observing me deliver a Positive Parties workshop on the 31st March for a staff team of a childcare facility, as part of her training.  Now of course, this had all been cancelled and we will do  training online.

Here at PPHQ we have had workshops, conferences, and events postponed, however we are now offering Positive Parties Online. We have done this in the past but feel that now more than ever there is a need for our fun, motivaional and educational services,

Positive Parties Online

Positive Parties Online

Franziska Hein, our lead Positive Parties Licensee in Germany has set up her first Positive Parties Online Event and she is delivering it on the 30th March. Meanwhile I will be delvering our Positive Parties Online in English, at the same time.

So, now I don’t really want to mention it, but even here on the Positive Parties website, we have to say it, due to the corona virus, life has changed forever. It’s like a movie, but guess what, we are in it and its not going to be ending anytime soon.

So, what can we do to stay safe and be POSITIVE

  1. Well, the first thing to do is, listen to the guidelines, we know them all by now. Wash, wash, wash, our hands, social distancing, stay away from the elderly and those with underlying health conditions and only go out to get food, medical supplies or to work.
  2. Get some exercise. If you live out in the country, yes get out for a run or a walk, and stay well away from anyone you might meet. If you live in a town or city, do online exercise – yoga, pilates, dance, a workout.
  3. Eat sensibly and avoid snacking on low nutritional value foods. Keep well hydrated too.
  4. Find time for meditation. This is a time of such uncertainly, when our thoughts play havoc with us and this is when mediation is needed the most. If you are not familiar with meditation, have a look online and find one that suits you. There is a difference in meditation and mindfulness. Explore them both. For those of you who like everything backed up by science, check out Dr Joe Dispenza, his meditations are very powerful.
  5. Keep news and social media to a minimum. Yes, for a daily update and to connect with family and friends on social media or to do a live work or exercise class. But NOT listening to Sky News 24 or continual scrolling online. Use this time wisely to connect to learn new skills, catch up on those ‘to do’ jobs, read, journal, be creative, play board games etc.
  6. Be reflective. This is a time of change. Uses this time to look at your life, where you have been, what you have achieved, how you have fallen before and rose again. Finding time to journal is very therapeutic.
  7. Count your blessings. Yes things are tight, we don’t know what is around the corner but every day we have at least 3 things to be thankful for. Eg, It’s a beautiful sunny day, my family are well, we live in a country with a good health care system in place.
  8. This is a time of massive awakening, a change in collective consciousness. People are coming home to realise that they are indeed……….Source/God/Spirit. This is all part of the Divine Plan of global awareness to Oneness.

Be safe everyone, be the love, be the light.  By doing this you are spreading your positive vibes. It’s the only way to be right now.

For those of you who are interest you can listened to my interview about how Positive Parties was set up and my other channeling and healing work. Click here. https://tinyurl.com/u7ffvp3

And to anyone who would like an online workshop for staff working remotely right now, do get in touch Call Denise on 0044 7790793130.

We go live on the Franchise Opportunities Hub next week and we are preparing to do our Licensee training online. When everyone goes back to work, more than ever, workplaces will be looking for Positive Parties workshops for their teams to reconnect them and bring positivity back.

Love & Light

Denise xo

Positive Parties Founder/CEO