Denise Devlin

CEO & Founder

Hello, I am Denise,

The concept for Positive Parties® came to me in a moment of Divine inspiration on the 18th August 2009 and 9 months later I delivered my first Positive Parties workshop and my baby, this creatice idea, ….Positive Parties® ‘Training With A Difference’ was born.

I saw a gap in the market for ‘Training with a Difference’ as I felt people were so bored with the usual ‘death by power point,’ long lectures and pages of handouts.

I had a knowing that this training delivered in a ‘party style’ learning environment and teaching NLP and CBT methodologies & positive psychology tools, would be positive & fun and essential is today’s world where life can be too serious and so many people are suffering from stress and ‘burn out.’

My background is, I am a communication studies graduate with a post grad Diploma in Community Development & Education, Life & Executive Coach, a NLP Master Practitioner with an employment background in media, community development & education and management. These experiences and education combined enabled me to fulfill my dream of creating and running my own training and coaching company.

After 6 years of building the company and delivering Positive Parties® training all over Ireland, I was delighted to win the ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award in 2015.

It was always my dream to Go Global and after taking a short career break from Positive Parties in 2017 to scribe and publish my book, ‘The Untold Story’, I came back with a new energy and sense of purpose about where this inspiring and fun training company is destined to go.

In 2019 I met Franziska Hein, who is now our first Positive Parties Licensee and the lead trainer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  And what an asset she is to the team.

As Positive Parties® continues to grow, I look forward to connecting with you either at a Positive Parties® workshop, through one of our Licensees or maybe you are interested in becoming a Licensee, if so, plese do go to the Licensee opportunities page.

Positive Parties® brings high energy, inspiration, learning, laughter and fun. For 2020 and this new decade it’s the only way to go.

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