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Positive Parties @community means you can be in a familiar and comfortable setting with friends, family, neighbours  and just ‘let your hair down’ and have a totally wonderful morning, afternoon, evening of games, music and laughter while acquiring new skills.

Positive Parties @Community is the ideal way to bring you community group users, management committee, staff, together to learn tools and techniques on how to be and stay positive, while having lots of fun at the same time. We use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) teachings which we deliver in a very fun and light hearted way, thus all participants retain what they have learned because they have had such a good time. Due to the workshop/talk/seminar being delivered in a unique ‘party style’ atmosphere, we give out prizes throughout and everyone leaves with a party bag too.

Use our services at your:

  • AGM
  • Community Conference
  • Community Development Days
  • Community/Staff Team Building event
  • A fundraising event
  • For a project/programme re Positive Mental Attitude/ Stress busting/ Health & Well Being

Use you own community venue and you can be in a familiar and comfortable setting with or hire a different space in a hotel to give everyone a treat.

@Community Positive Parties Workshop are either on off half day sessions of we can run Positive Parties programmes lastly form 3 to 6 weekly session with the Big Party style workshop with party food and prizes on the last one.

Positive Parties keep you informed and entertained with games, stories and new tools and techniques to direct you towards a more positive way of thinking, feeling and acting no matter what is going on in your world.

Funding for Positive Health

There is always funding available for Positive Health so, please do get in touch to discuss. WE ran very successful projects in partnership with charities such as Apex Housing, Co-operation Ireland and Derry Youth & Community Workshops. All these organisations wanted to run a project that looked at Positive Mental Health for their users and they wanted something that was totally different from what had ever been delivered before. That’s where Positive Parties are just the perfect match!


People LOVE Positive Parties®

Positive Parties have been partners on the Cooperation Ireland Programme ‘Connecting 4 Culture’ and Denise and team delivered very successful and popular, by both pupils, and school staff, workshops on positive mental attitude with the schools involved. This is the second project we have involved Positive Parties in, the other being our Generations For Peace Project in Primary Schools, with which we worked with over 30 schools. Through this project we brought children, parents and grandparents together and I would highly recommend the quality of the training as it is both excellent and unique and loved by all ages and sectors of the community.

Michelle Menice, Project Coordinator, Cooperation Ireland

I have been working with Positive Parties since its inception, I have participated in parties and worked with Denise as she has developed the concept and brought it to market.
And what a super concept it is. If your community group is just that little bit stuck, if your volunteers are wondering “what will we do next?” Then Positive Parties is for you and your group. A Positive Party will energise your group, it will encourage you, your volunteers and your community to recognize when comfort zones and boundaries are inhibiting progress. It will inspire you to be fearless in bringing your ideas to fruition and to be more effective than you have ever been before.

Your organisation really can’t afford not to hold a Positive Party, it will be fun, memorable and effective. It will increase capacity, build your team skills and encourage everyone to do their absolute best for the community in which they live and work. I can’t recommend Positive Parties enough, I’d say take five minutes to talk to Denise about Positive Parties and you too will be hooked.

Noelle Donnell, Director, Hummingbird 

Everyone who took part in the Positive Parties project really enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it. When I asked a few tenants, who had finished their three week course, what they thought of the session, I was told:
“It’s been a long time since I had such fun.”
“It’s easy to become stuck in a run with nothing to look forward to, that was great craic.”
“This course makes you think……..I didn’t know I was so well thought of and I am lucky to have such good people around me.”
As people get older they feel as if they have lost their worth or place in society and their families. Positive Parties workshops gets them to remember the fun times and the positive contributions they have made to their families etc and to view the future with a freedom to try new things, to value themselves and the people around them.

Vivienne McGlinchey , Manager Abbey House (Carehome), Apex Housing Association

We invited Denise to run the first event to be held in our new offices at the Shared Future Centre. The Positive Party that she threw for the parents of our young children with Down syndrome was a huge success. The response was fantastic, the parents loved the fun party atmosphere and the motivation that they gained from it. They said it was a great way to get the week started on a positive note, with some useful advice to take away to help in other situations. We would recommend Denise’s work to other community groups.

Lorraine Gallen, Coordinators, Foyle Down Syndrome Trust

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