Franziska Hein

Licensee & Trainer

Hello, I am Franziska,

I am the first licensee of Positive Parties® and I bring these FUN Workshops with great enthusiasm to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After 14 years in the hotel & tourism industry in Germany, the Middle East & Dubai… my journey into the world of training began in 2017, which brought me back to my home in Germany.

During the last 3 years I have worked with different training methods in personality development, psychology & as well holistic approaches.

I met Denise in the beginning of 2019 and with her also Positive Parties®!

The incomparable lightness & joy I experienced during this training convinced me of the incredible potential that it holds for people in countless areas and ages of our society.

During the current time many people are looking for positive changes, freedom & satisfaction in their lives. Whether at work, private or for health.

Positive Parties® brings all this together in a completely new & innovative fun way.

Boring trainings were yesterday –> Positive Parties® is today!

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