First published 22.6.2016

Positive Parties Founder/CEO Denise Devlin uses this Latest News to talk about losing her Best Friend Fi and the impact its has on her life, both personally & in business and the gifts of wisdom at this sad time.

What happens when your Best Friend dies, or as I prefer to put it, ‘passes over?’  You take time out and slow down. And it’s in the slowing down that you feel your feelings to grieve and heal. And in the silence, comes new ideas, with the assistance from your Best Friend from afar of course.

Not the usual title or story in a Positive Parties Latest News post, is it? Certainly not, but I have never been one to follow the rules and I guess this is no exception. Especially when I can hear Fi’s voice saying ‘”Go on Del, just do it!”

My gorgeous friend and soul sister Fi, Fiona Mooney, passed over on the 20th May 2016, just 49 years old, with so much more to offer the world, but the Universe had other plans. Fi’s 2 children, partner, her family, friends and the wider community can’t imagine life without her and the wonderful memories linker, while the pain will go on.

I took this past month to slow down and grieve, as I feel I needed to be in the silence for a while just to be with the pain. I am now getting back into promoting Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference,’ taking bookings, scheduling meetings, delivering, sending proposals, talking to potential franchisees and all that goes with running a business, but this time pacing myself! Just ‘being’ has served me well and given me the time to reconnect again and reflect on the past 6 years, as I have been working so hard developing and growing Positive Parties. While I have been so very busy, I had almost forgotten why I set up this ‘Training With A Difference’ company in the first place …………………….‘To make learning FUN and inspire others to see the light within themselves.’

One of the many things Fi was great at, was taking time to ‘slow down.’ ‘Busying up’ (as she called it!) was something she didn’t like to do and when it got to life becoming ‘too rushed’ with running her coaching business ‘Health Crisis Coaching International’ and juggling family life, she would pull back, as she liked to ‘walk the talk.’

As one of the speakers at BorderBiz Camp in Monaghan on the 18th June, I spoke of how losing my dear friend has been devastating but in this time of slowing down and reflection, there have been such valuable gifts and lessons for me. I share with you all a video of Fi that her partner Mike Stole took in Feb 2014, ‘Notes to Future Self.’  Please do take 6 minutes to watch and listen, it’s so inspiring. Just click on this link – Note To Future Self

Some words from Fi that I’ll never forget……” May I live profoundly but not seriously and have the wisdom and the courage to feel, hear and follow my own wisdom and have fun doing it. And never ever stop exploring, ever, that’s when you are alive, be curious, be vulnerable.”

So what else do you do when your Best Friend dies? You cry buckets and treasure the heartfelt memories BUT most of all you cherish her kindness, wisdom, humour, and how she was so full of love and you LISTEN and ACT on her wise words ……” Choose to love yourself……..Put down the dramas, the old stories and limiting beliefs and choose to be present and learn from what life is offering up at any given time. …….Future Self have a lot of fun.”