First Published 20.6.2019

Positive Parties is living the dream at the minute as we ‘go global’ and introduce our inspirational and fun ways of teaching new tools and techniques of having a positive mindset and attitude, out into the world.

My daughter Orla, who loves to help out, posed for this photo, and I have convinced her that none of her classmates will go on this website! This was taken in our sunroom, just before we went live on the first Positive Parties online webinar on Zoom.  Positive Parties is normally delivered in person in workplaces, schools and communities. Our venues are normally a hotel conference room, or a training room for corporate’s or public sector staff teams and an assembly hall for schools staff and pupils. This type of interactive training is delivered in person, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to work online, and it was surprising how well it was received.  The participants were all from an online school I am part of and working as a mentor, so as part of my mentor role, I decided to test this and delivered 2 Positive Parties sessions over 2 weeks and everyone had a ball. It was such fun and even though I felt people would know many of the tools already, it was refreshing as I was delivering it the unique ‘party style’ which no other company does only, Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference.’ Watch this space for more Positive Parties online Laughter, Learning & Fun.

The excitement builds as more and more interest from Trainers/Facilitators, NLP Practitioners, Life and Business Coaches, Teachers from all over the world are getting in touch to inquire about the 3 day training event taking place this August to enable those who fit the criteria, to become Positive Parties Licensees. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to have an unique ‘add on’ service to offer as part of their their coaching, consultancy or training business.  To get a ‘foot in the door’ with many companies and sectors, you need to have something to offer that is totally different and Positive Parties certainly does have the X Factor when it comes to interactive training material and delivery. As Einstein said “Keep it simple, make it fun!” That’s what Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference’ does in a nutshell -: use the teachings of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness and deliver them in a way that is full of fun. In ‘party style’ training, the participants always remember what they have learned because they have laughed and had such a good time.  Many adults forget whats it like to have been childlike and play party games, so Positive Parties brings out that child again in everybody. Even those team members who are sky and call themselves introverts, do get into ‘the spirit’ of it and enjoy the new teachings and tools that help them be have a more positive attitude at home, at work and in relation to their health and well-being. Everyone Has the opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture, not sweat the small stuff and appreciate all the good they have in their lives. Happy people, lead to positive teams, which means a creative and productive workforce. Its a win win for everyone.

If you would like to book a Positive Parties workshop for your team or you are interested to becoming a Positive Parties Licensee in your area or part of your world, please contact me, PP Founder Denise Devlin on 0044 7790793130 or email me on