First Published 1.10.2018

Positive Parties continues to make a difference to people from all sectors – pupils  and teachers in schools, teams in corporates and public sectors, clients, volunteers and staff in communities and Irish dancers, in our niche market and seperate website

World Champion x4 Caoimhe Devlin

Here is Denise with World Champion Irish Dancer Caoimhe Devlin, who is not a relation, despite the same surname. Coaoimhe is 14 and a 4th time World Champion Irish Dancer. She is cover girl in October’s Irish Dancing & Culture Magazine and we are delighted and honoured that Positive Parties got a few mentions in Caoimhe’s 4 page interview.

Denise has been working with Caoimhe now since 2011, helping her positive mindset before major competitions. The dedication, disapline and commitment from this young girl is amazing, plus she is of course  a highly talented at dancer and she is constanlty working to keep herslf up to the highsest standard. Her Irish Dancing School, McConomy Bradley Doherty Academy, first employed Positive Parties Founder & CEO, in 2011 to work with their dancers. This led to Denise’s name becoming known in the world of Irish Dancing and Dance Teachers were telling parents, who would bring thier children, from all over Ireland to have a Positive Coaching seesion with Denise.

The World Dancing Champion Cyra Tylor, who is now travelling the world and part of the team in Lord Of the Dance gave thid glowing testimonail of her expereince working with Denise.

“I’ve had such great experiences working with Denise and positive parties @Dance throughout my years of dancing. She most definitely helped me remain positive, calm and always striving to achieving my goals. Positive dancing coaching has also helped me in day today situations, not just with dancing. I will take the lessons with me as I enter my new chapter with Lord of the Dance.”

Cyra Taylor

So, not only do we improve the positivity @Work @Conference @School @Community @Sport @Dance, ALL our tools and techniques, assit with life. Making a differnce in a way that makes us stand out because we dleiver in such a fun and unique way, our teachings will not, or cannot be forgotten.

We have exciting times ahead. All will be revealved in our next Latest News.

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