First Published 28.9.2017

It’s been 4 months since we posted Latest News but during that time we have been delivering more Positive Parties @Work and Positive Parties @School, and as always receiving lots of fantastic feedback.

We did take ‘time out’ during the summer to rest and rejuvenate plus Positive Parties Founder Denise Devlin, has been researching new ways of making Positives Parties ‘Training With A Difference’ have an even bigger impact on participants who, after the training are inspired to continue their journey of self-awareness.

A recent book Denise studied is Elizabeth Lessor’s ‘Broken Open’, which is an excellent resource form those who are going through a hard time and feel as if they won’t get out the other side. Elizabeth tells of her own journey during her divorce and gives examples of others poignant stories.

Positive Parties does give great techniques of how positivity helps in life, but there are times we, as they say,  ‘can’t see the wood form the tress’ and just have to be in that place and feel the feelings until we come out the other side. This is what Elizabeth describes as the Phoenix Process and this is how we grow. Personal development and growth is crucial on our journey through life and resources such as ‘Broken Open’ can help those in a ‘not so good’ place, thus assuring them they are not alone and that there are tools available.

As always we like to share the fabulous feedback we receive after our Positive Parties workshops. After delivering to a St Patrick’s College, Dungiven, recently, a 4 hour session as part of a staff development day with the focus on team building and positive mental health, 28 out of 30 staff said they would recommend Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference’ to colleagues, family and friends. Some feedback as follows! :

“It was a great experience, very interactive and kept which kept you focused throughout. I learnt to be a positive role model and how my attitude can affect others. Super training exercise. Would recommend it.”

“I liked that it was something different and fun.  Learnt that I can shift my mind-set and become more positive.”

“The interaction helped to relax and involve everyone. I learned to concentrate more on my positive thoughts. This type of training makes you get involved and the more involved you are, the more you get out of it.”

“I liked getting up and being involved in activities. I learnt to be more aware of myself and be more positive.”

“I loved the cheerful atmosphere and learned not to be so hard on myself. It was excellent, very positive and helpful. Thank you.”

“It was good fun learning about positive mental attitude and strategies to develop this. Thank you, a very enjoyable experience.”

“Thank you Denise, your enthusiasm makes these workshops entertaining and fun.”

“I enjoyed learning new techniques to try to become a more positive person and have less negativity in my life. I found this training very interesting and hope to learn more.”

“I loved Denise’s infectious energy and positivity. I learned new techniques for better positive mental attitude.”

“I really liked that there were NO PowerPoints. Denise was very pleasant and easy to listen to.”

“This was such fun. I leaned lots about NLP, we need this type of training more often!”

If you are interested in booking our Training With A Difference OR joining the Positive Parties company to deliver the workshops and programmes in your area, please contact Denise on PPHQ – 0044 28 71517320  Mobile – 0044 7790693130 Email –