First Published 3.9.2019

The most exciting news!  Positive Parties has gone GLOBAL…..the dream has come true and we now have our first Positive Parties Licensee in Gemany and she will also be taking Positive Parties to Austria and Switzerland too.

When you trust in the Divine Plan, it all comes together in Divine Time. And, it’s all happening, Positive Parties is now going Global! It’s the start of it and I am so excited.

Congratulations to the vibrant, loving, enthusiastic and beautiful soul Franziska Hein who is now a Positive Parties Licensee, taking this fun ‘Training With a Difference’ concept to Germany, Australia and Switzerland.
Franziska has been to 2 networking events since she arrived back in Germany on Monday evening!
Meanwhile, I took a break yesterday, as it’s been a hectic few weeks preparing everything for Franziska’s arrival and a ‘full on’ 3 and half days delivering the training.

Franziska took to the Positive Parties ethos of ‘making learning fun’ like ‘a duck to water.’ We had so many laughs over the weekend and some amazing synchronicities and conformations that we are totally aligned. ❤️
I am so delighted to have their gorgeous woman, inside and out, be part of the Positive Parties team and to launch the Licence in new countries.

Franziska was a mega hit with Neil, Emer & Orla and she even got to meet Neil’s mum & my parents too.
We also got to meet up with some of the Irish NEMS crew on the Saturday night and to finally meet in person the main man who brought us together, Martin McNicholl & his lovely wife Elisangela Paes Forever thankful for this connection.

The past couple of days I have had to pinch myself! Did that really happen? That dream I have had since the idea of Postive Parties was created, that it would be in other counties worldwide, planting seeds of inspiration, learning, love, fun & laugher into workplaces, schools and communities.
I know it’s one step at a time now to see how the Germans, Austrians & Swiss take to Positive Parties, but I have a feeling that with Franziska’s heart-centred & fun energy, it will really take off.

Please do wish Franziska all the best. And if you or your know of anyone you feel has what it takes to become a Postive Parties ‘Training With A Difference! Licensee, please message me and we can have a chat.

I am feeling truly thankful today for all the Divine connections, guidance & signs that have brought me to this point and Franziska and I together, as she launches as the first PP Licensee. When we take time to listen and follow our intuition, that’s when the magic happens. ❤️ xo