First Published on 4.10.2016

On the evening of the 18th August 2009 the idea for Positive Parties was planted in my mind, heart & soul, it was Divine Inspiration for sure. From that moment, brainstorming in my friends house in Belfast, I had this ‘knowing’ that something would come of this and I had to follow my dream. 9 months later, I delivered my first Positive Parties workshop to the Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group and Karen Mullen (who’s birthday just happens to be on the 18th Aug!) took a chance on me & PP that day, the rest is history! With the support of Neil, my family, friends, Women in Enterprise NI gals and others (too many to mention) along the way, Positive Parties grew and grew, and before I knew it I was all over the country delivering in schools (both pupils & staff), voluntary sector, public sector, corporate’s, and working with Irish Dancers and presenting at conferences and business events. As with any business there have been ups and downs along the way for sure, thankfully a lot more up’s! Being awarded Female Entrepreneur at the Strabane Business Awards in Oct 2015, was both amazing & humbling for me.
So, then came, what I can clearly see now as the ‘7 year itch!’ This past Spring, I was feeling as if I had l lost the tremendous passion that I had for PP. After delivering a PP workshop the evaluation forms were excellent as always, but I felt there was something missing. I took time out to study for my NLP Master Practitioner qualification and I was sure I would come back with ‘zest’ once it was completed. 2 weeks later however my gorgeous, kind & wonderful school pal and soul sister Fi passed away, I was devastated and took more time our to grieve. In my mourning for my very dear friend, I realised that I had become a bit consumed with Positive Parties, developing it over the years and my time spent on social media was taking over too. So, a sabbatical naturally evolved, I was tired, I needed to stop and I needed time to think of where I wanted to go and what changes I would make to bring back the positivity, love & passion for doing what I do and sharing the joy with others. I have franchisees waiting in the wings for me to take the next step and once I start delivering at the end of August with the newly revamped Positive Parties, I’ll be raring to go again. Sometimes fear has crept in, I felt lost and wondered WHY Universe, why give me this great business idea and then leave me all confused! Well, the answer is in this quote from Albert Einstein ‘The monotony & solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.’ It all makes sense now, I was always on the GO! How could I take Positive Parties to the next level when I was rushing about like a mad thing! lol! Daily meditation and walks around Hollyhill have certainly grounded me again.
So this autumn, I am celebrating 7 years of a Divine idea, with such gratitude to have had the Positive Parties ‘pot’ to be able to choose to take ‘time out’ to reconnect with Source, my family & friends and recharge the batteries. Here’s to the next 7 years of Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference’. I have a clear vision but I am also going with the flow and the Universe will guide me to where I am suppose to go. Happy Days #BringItOn  Denise :-)

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