First Published 16.5.2017

Spring is here and with spring comes a freshness, motivation and a zest of good feelings that the brighter nights and colours of nature tend to bring. In our training delivery too, we like to bring fresh ideas plus new personal development research and books that we have recently studied and can incorporate into our delivery.

An exciting book that we are currently introducing called ‘Solve for Happy, written by Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google X. Mo, a successful engineer and entrepreneur, was always fascinated by the challenge or rebooting happiness when it seemed elusive. His analytic mind broke down the problem of happiness down into its smallest components, adopting a facts-driven approach that would be scalable and replicable. As a software developer, he set a target to find the code that could be applied to anyone’s life. Then his son Ali died unexpectedly and Mo’s algorithm for happiness became a practical, personal and profoundly urgent problem. This book and Mo’s research has made a big impression on the Positive Parties team, thus we now discuss and recommend ‘Solve for Happy’ at our Positive Parties workshops and at conferences & events.

As always we like to share the fabulous feedback we receive after our Positive Parties workshops. After delivering to a Primary School recently, a 4-hour session as part of a staff development day with the focus on positive mental health, 34 out of 35 staff said they would recommend Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference’ to colleagues, family and friends. Some feedback as follows! :

“The positive energy from Denise spread throughout the room which soon erased all anxiety and fear. It was a lovely way to spend the morning – thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

“The interaction helped to relax and involve everyone. I learned to concentrate more on my positive thoughts. This type of training makes you get involved and the more involved you are, the more you get out of it.”

“Information was interactive and fun. I learned about the power of positive thinking.”

“I really liked the positivity and having a good time with work colleagues”

“Very interactive, fast-moving pace, everyone felt comfortable. Fantastic help and tips Definitely very informative. A great morning, thank you.”

“Thank you Denise, your enthusiasm makes these workshops entertaining and fun.”

“It was extremely relaxed and interactive. We were free to say no but most of us were able to overcome anxieties. I loved the games, dancing, music and fun element, Thanks so much for giving me strategies to deal with stress of daily life.”

“It was a such a fun, lovely and relaxing day. I was quite stressed/emotional before I arrived at school, much more relaxed now. Thank you. I learned to be more positive, it comes within and remember to appreciate what I have.”

“I learned how to manage negative thoughts, we all have them. I really liked the fun way this was delivered. It was a lovely relaxing fun filled workshop.”

“I liked the fun element, active and relaxed.” I will now spend less time focusing on negative thoughts. It was an enjoyable, positive day.”

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